Thrift Store Fashion Show {Ep. 1} | Brooklyn and Bailey

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  • Darren Patton says:

    That’s a nice thrift shop… all we have is Goodwill. xD

  • Rosa Greenwood says:

    I like Brooklyn’s first comfy and cozy outfit

  • Lona Naylor says:

    U 2 remind me of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen you should be in a movie or

  • Angela Leeder says:

    What’s the name of the song you used in your video 

  • sierra MCCOR says:

    They have a better thrift shop than we do My thrift shop is just things
    people put in the donation bucket

  • Xampler 360 says:

    i like the cute shoes cause its soooooooooo cute

  • Foxy Lady says:

    I liked brooklyns outfits cause that what I wear. 

  • Mia Frazier says:

    I liked both but baileys was more my style 

  • Spinj The Ninja says:

    I’ve recently started buying my clothes from thrift shops, but I mainly
    find a lot of old people’s clothes there. I did get a few good find though,
    so I’ll keep trying!!

  • KarinamarieDenverbroncos girl says:

    i love thrift shops becuz the clothes are cheap and i shop there too.I
    enjoy watching ur videos brooklyn and bailey:)

  • ayesha imaan says:

    are they in a charity shop?

  • angle cruz says:

    I love Brooklyn and bailey 

  • Linh Le says:

    My favorite outfit was the bonus outfit Bailey did

  • Ddestiny Towns says:

    lol baileys first outfit i have all of those clothes XD

  • Veloie Mastrocola says:

    I think I liked Bailey’s last one the best xD

  • Gianna Hernandez says:

    Do another one of these love this!

  • Sandra Praill says:


  • Shaira Lane David says:

    I love this video

  • Brynne Bytnar says:

    Please make a second video of these! I really enjoy these! I love both of
    your sense of styles and you should do like a video where you each choose 3
    outfits per topic.
    1) simple/ comfy
    2) trendy and cute
    3) take a simple outfit and spice it up

  • Caoimhe Payne-Horan says:

    The baseball tee is my fav

  • Ali Osborne says:

    Wow your charity shops are nice the English ones have 30 year old books and
    women’s clothes no kids clothes

  • Kirsty Finch says:

    Plz sub I just joined

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