BEST sewing machine for beginners!

Buy this machine here now: In this video I answer the MOST common question I am asked: “What is a great and affordable sewing machine for beginners?” This is my personal…
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  • Love Jhanelle says:

    Hi, i am unable to find the sewing machine featured in this video. I am a
    beginner and would like to know if you have any suggestions with for around
    the same price? I don’t want to spend too much on a machine to start with.
    Thank you!

  • orestesdd says:

    Does this machine have a metal frame? I’d not buy a machine which is all
    plastic. Thanks for the video anyway.

  • dolores skyler says:

    Hi! Just purchased this machine from a friend. Would like to purchase extra
    feet. Cannot find this model number attached to any acceptable feet. Is
    this machine considered a low shank? Looking to purchase a walking ,
    beading, and cording feet . Any suggestions?

  • Bleu Banks says:

    This sewing machine is no longer being sold Kenmore 19106. Any
    suggestions??? I would like to purchase a sew machine asap. I am a
    beginner. Whay would you recommend? 

  • rmcdaniel423 says:

    Since buying my $75 vintage Singer 237 Fashion Mate from craigslist (and
    taking the time to open it up, clean it properly, lubricate it properly,
    and learn how it operates), my modern Viking/Husqvarna electronic machine
    which cost hundreds of dollars and has many extra “features” now just sits
    on a shelf collecting dust.

  • Mike Regan says:

    Well I thought for my mid life crisis experience I would go in the opposite
    direction of a car, which I must admit I already got SO I thought I would
    learn to sew! I am saddened though that this sewing machine is no longer

  • augustina thomas says:

    Where can i buy this at….. Lovely review 

  • Katie G says:

    I can’t find this Kenmore model anywhere and nothing similar for that
    price. I saw on your website that your next cheapest recommended sewing
    machine is the Janome 3128, but I also found a Janome 2018S that looks very
    similar to the Kenmore for $99. What’s the next best affordable option
    since the Kenmore is discontinued?

  • Vanessa CarrilloRamos says:

    Thanks for helping me, because in my sewing class I get mixed up on the
    last part now I have it.Again thank you for helping.

  • Susan Silva says:

    Hi Vanessa, I found the Kenmore 19106 on eBay. I bid on it & got it today.
    It came without power cord, manual,foot pedal & thread holder. What should
    I do?

  • Katharine Laurance says:

    I wasn’t sewing at all (never really learned how), but saw this at Tuesday
    Morning and thought it would be good to have for basic repairs (especially
    at $59,99). A year later (and many YouTube tutorials later), I’ve sewing a
    whole nursery set for my daughter, have learned to install zippers and have
    created roman shades. Excellent buy, machine is very sturdy and I have
    learned to sew! 

  • Robert Woods says:

    Can it sew through leather? 

  • Noelani Buonomo says:

    you sound like a commercial

  • Wilner Calixte says:

    Hello, is this sewing machine available? I cannot find it anywhere….If
    not, do you recommend anything else please?

  • Deemixx Will says:

    Thank you….I want to start sewing and this helps a lot…there is a
    Tuesday Morning near me thanks again

  • Karen Thomas says:

    I might buy this as a “traveler!” Or if I can get my daughter or
    step-daughter to try sewing! Nice job, I enjoyed your video so much (-:
    Wish we were closer so I could take your classes!!!

  • laanaa says:

    does janome do the same job?

  • Heather Holder says:

    Hope I can still find this! Would love to have a sewing machine around just
    when I may need :)

  • Daylandro Andretti says:

    You are So Cool, Classy, Cute; and Helpful!
    Thanks A Million & Perpetual Success!
    Add Love!™

  • Renny Garcia says:

    soy de venezuela aca soy la segunda persona q tiene esta maquina se me daño
    la lanzadera n la consigo la he buscado por todo mi pais y nada me podra
    ayudar como comprarla n la consigo ni por amazon gracia me encanta esta

  • Jamia Williams says:

    is it okay if i use a dress maker model #100

  • TommyNavid says:

    Skip to 4:58 for just the working features of the machine. Thanks
    CraftyGemini, I will likely get this machine

  • Tina Gardner says:

    THANK YOU!!! I am brand new to sewing and I am teaching myself! You are
    such a blessing!!! I am glad I found you on here! 

  • Quilianna Rose says:

    thanks this was very helpful
    Im starting sewing classes and i am buying a machine soon so i will try my
    hardest to get a kenmore

  • lovemetu says:

    Typical chatterbox and clever Gemini, now how would I know about them ?
    Really good clear instructions and your voice is so clear and easy to
    follow instructions.
    Will have to go through your tuition videos as I am only just learning this
    hobby !!

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