SINGER 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

SINGER 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Electronic Portable Sewing, With 98 Built-In Stitches – 6 Fully Automatic 1-step Buttonhole, 77 Decorative Stitches, 8 Basic Stitches and With 2 STATYBRIGHT LED Lights

  • Automatic needle threader and Drop & Sew bobbin system make for quick and easy set-up. Helpful Hint: To secure thread, pull both threads to the backside of the fabric and tie together.
  • 98 built-in stitches with seven fully automatic one-step buttonholes provide endless project possibilities
  • Programmable needle up/down and drop feed make quilting fun and easy
  • Four bonus quilting feet and an extension table create the winning quilting combination
  • Electronic twin needle control and adjustable stitch length and width allow you to customize your projects. 110 volt sewing machine designed for United States and Canadian use only.
  • With a maximum sewing speed of 750 stitches-per-minute, projects can be sewn quickly

The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter portable sewing machine is the perfect machine for new and skilled quilters alike. With many advanced features, your sewing will be relaxing and creative. The programmable needle up/down feature is vital for quilters when piecing together patchworks. Select to have the needle stop in the down position when appliquéing, quilting or pivoting fabric. The machine comes with four bonus quilting feet to expand your creative quilting and sewing possibilities. Use th

List Price: $ 277.89

Price: $ 240.00

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3 Comments/Reviews

  • Carol Baum says:
    364 of 376 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Singer confidence quilter, January 9, 2010
    Carol Baum (Florida) –

    This review is from: SINGER 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine (Kitchen)
    I have had this machine for a year. Most of the sewing I have done on this machine is quilt piecing, general sewing, and some quilting. One feature that no one has mentioned (as far as I recall) is a special feature that in piecing quilts has saved me much time in piecing. As you begin your seam the machine sews a few stitches and backs up over them, securing the beginning of the seam. When you finish the seam, hit the reverse arrow and it secures the last stitches of the seam in the same way.

    The stitches are consistently straight. It also comes with an attachable walking foot. The throat plate of the machine is clear making it visible to see if you are running out of thread.

    There are better sewing machines of this type but the price ranges begin somewhere at $1,000. With all the “bells and whistles” this machine has, I would highly recommend it.

    August 2014 additional comment. The confidence quilter has a pre programmed button on the front of the machine designating a double needle stitch feature. For the first time this week I put in a double needle and used the program with a double needle. It was amazing. I was very satisfied with the outcome of the two rows of stitching it made. I own several machines and this machine sews with a double needle better than any of them! Double needle sewing should be sewed at a slow to medium speed to have the best results. Test your stitches on a a scrap of fabric you will be hemming. I used it on a
    jersey knit, very stretchy and had no problems with it.

    This machine has had some bad reviews. I do not doubt that sometimes you buy a machine and its a lemon. Mine hasn’t been, so I’m standing on my earlier review that this is a good machine (for the money). If you buy one, have the option of returning it within a week or two. (do that with any machine).


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  • havalina "havalina" says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good for beginners, October 5, 2009
    havalina “havalina” (Missouri) –

    This review is from: SINGER 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine (Kitchen)
    I have quilted for years on an old 90’s Singer and decided to finally move into the 21st Century. Of course the reason I never upgraded was cause I was broke so I thought I would try out the Singer 7469Q – I got it at Jo-Ann’s which has a 10 day return!

    I used this machine to quilt a queen sized wedding chain quilt. I plan on returning it. I have been wanting to upgrade from my early 90’s Singer and wanted to check out this one. It feels cheap – for ex. the thread holder is thin flimsy plastic. The LED light is incredibly dim – you need a desk lamp. Also, the stiches don’t get very long — my old Singer you could get long basting stitches which is nice.

    It’s fussy about the thread – you have to have it threaded just right or it goes nuts – I never had this problem before either.

    It does pretty well with free motion quilting — a little jerky but after an hour or so I had gotten used to it and could do some attractive stitching.

    Over all, I think this is a GREAT machine for a beginners – it has all the extras so you can experiment with what feet you like to use, etc. and learn about it. BUT the feet are flimsy. It’s not a work horse like my old machine.

    I would say, if you make more than 2 quilts a year, upgrade. If you just want to make a few baby quilts, this is a great economical option for you, it would probably last great under light use — I use mine so much I”m worried about breaking it and am going to suck it up and pay a bunch of money for a nicer machine.


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  • Judy K. Polhemus "Book Collector" says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    A satisfactory machine for the money!, April 1, 2011

    This review is from: SINGER 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine (Kitchen)
    Note: My rating is 3.5 stars.

    Oh, how I wanted a new sewing machine! My old one (to remain nameless) gave me fits with its unreliability and need to be repaired time after time. At Christmas, with a Christmas bonus in hand and a great sale at my local fabric and craft store, I bought the Singer Confidence Quilter Machine with its characteristic gold front.

    It was a great deal for the money. However, I packed it up after two days and returned it. The instruction book does not have a section for the machine’s quilting aspects. Imagine promoting a machine as a Quilter and nothing of explanation! For that, I deduct one star. Unfortunately (yet fortunately), the store would not take the machine until my check cleared the bank.

    In frustration, I took it home, unpacked it, and decided I would learn to use it despite a lack of instructions. I did find something on u-Tube, but really, shouldn’t a company have a special section or even manual of explanation for a machine named as a Quilter?

    OK, I’m repeating myself in order to make a point. Although this lack is a serious flaw concerning the machine, there is yet one more negative: You have to reset the stitch regulator every time you turn on the machine. The stitch length is set at 2.5. I don’t want such tight stitches, so I reset to about 4 each time. So, like driving, once you get into a habit, you really don’t think about it. You just do it!

    Now for the positives:
    1. The price I paid was incredible. This is regularly a $499 machine for which I paid less than $300. That’s a fantastic price (sale plus teacher discount card at my fabric store). For the money I have a reliable machine.

    2. My favorite thing (which is not standard on all machines) is the “needle up-down” feature. When I make totes, I NEED that down position to keep the needle in place for curves and turns.

    3. It is so easy to thread, easiest of all machines I’ve used over the years!

    4. It has a needle threader. I cannot always make it work, but that’s probably my fault. In fact, after I changed this last needle, I can’t get it to take the thread. Hmmm, the needle?

    5. The drop-in bobbin is so easy to thread into position! Really easy! Plus the plastic window allows preparation for an emptying bobbin.

    6. The bobbin winder is twice as easy as my last machine.

    7. I like the quality of stitches because they are even on top and bottom. They are not beautiful as the ones made by my mother’s expensive machine, but they are totally satisfactory. For the price, I’m happy.

    8. The extension table holds that bulky quilt to help prevent drag. I love the table (although there is a bit of vibration).

    9. The removable part around the needle plate to allow sewing of tight things like sleeves or small garments. Brilliant!

    10. The tons of stitch types–so fun to use and experiment with!

    11. The bed is longer than the average machine, allowing a rolled quilt to go through the opening. Aha, Quilter’s Machine!

    12. The machine comes with a packet of three quilting feet (again no explanation of how they’re used or what they’re for, but u-Tube showed me).

    I must mention one other negative: the little LED light is too weak and not placed in the right place. But I added a lamp to my sewing area and I’m fine with it. In fact, I don’t even think about it any more. That driving analogy again!

    Overall, for the money and all the wonderful features, the Singer Confidence Quilter Machine is an excellent buy. Although I cannot have those top of the line machines, I’m quite pleased with this one.

    Addendum: This is written on March 15, 2013 after two years of Singer ownership. Recently, I had the opportunity to sew on a $1700 machine, a competitor. I was thinking of replacing my Singer. After three hours, I came to the conclusion that I could not tell the difference between the two machines. Now that’s saying a lot!


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