Quilt Along #9 – Moving a Quilt on a Home Machine

Learn how to move a large quilt on your home sewing machine, working from the center to the outside. See how the quilt moves and is manipulated so the weight and bulk of the quilt isn’t overwhelmi…

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  • LindieLee says:

    Extremely helpful video! I loved seeing the chickens out the window too!

  • Hening Lawson says:
  • Paula Whelan says:

    There are some good suggestions mentioned in the comments, especially to
    stand while sewing. I trained as a massage therapist and recommend you talk
    to a massage therapist or physiotherapist about your layout/set up as well
    as neck, shoulder and upper back stretches and exercises. The ability to
    stand or sit while quilting is optimal; in either case, if the work surface
    is level, your forearms should be parallel to (and rest on) the surface.
    That takes a lot of weight off your shoulders and upper back (they no
    longer have to hold up your arms) and will also lower your head so you
    don’t have to bend your neck so much to see where you are going. Another
    great idea I have seen used a lot recently is to sit on a balance ball. Not
    only does this improve your posture, it helps strengthen your core muscles
    (abdomen and lower back), that helps in all areas of life. I love this
    video and can’t wait to make another quilt so I can try this method.

  • Mary Kidwell says:
  • Abigail Frances says:

    I know this is an older video, but thought I would share this link about
    adjusting a sewing machine to reduce neck strain. Lacking doorstops and
    other recommended materials, I just tucked a roll of masking tape under the
    back of my machine. I have had multiple neck surgeries & the difference
    that little roll of tape has made in my comfort level is night & day. Like
    the ergonomic keyboards, the tilted position of the sewing machine does
    take a little getting used to, but a couple practice sandwiches later my
    quilts are no worse for the wear & my neck and shoulders are so much
    happier. There are also manufactured products sold on-line that do the same
    thing. Here’s the link (scroll down halfway to find descriptions):


    (Note: I would generally recommend using something other than masking tape,
    but it’s working okay with my machine so far. I plan to upgrade to
    doorstops soon.)

  • B Diederich says:

    My brother just sent me this video–I haven’t tried to quilt my own quilts
    yet. I know this is a couple years past the comments you were making about
    your neck, but I have always stood up to sew–a habit I got into as a kid.
    My sewing machine is on a small kitchen countertop and I think I’ve done
    this because sewing long items like quilts and prom dresses allowed them to
    drape down the left side of the countertop as I was working and I could
    move my body around too…but I really want to try your table arrangement!

  • 4vrceltic says:

    For some reason my video likes don’t seem to be taking… So I just wanted
    to let you know how much I enjoy your videos. You are very refreshing to
    watch and listen to. Perhaps that is because you are so clear and concise
    in your instructions. May the world of your quilting followers be medicine
    to your soul. What you have lost in your family, may your online support
    system compensate for. No it’s never the same…. However in some cases it
    can be even better than the real thing. All the very best to you and your
    family as you continue to share your very special talent with a world of
    family that truly appreciates all you do!
    : )

  • Peggy Farrell says:

    Hmmm, this may be why it is better have a sit down mid arm. You can see
    what you are doing and don’t have to use a weird angle with your neck to
    see your stitching.

  • Peggy Farrell says:

    I have tremendous neck pain and have had 2 neck fusions. I have ordered a
    back brace that has light weights in it and sort of pulls you back, so you
    sit up straight. I hope it helps.

  • Peggy Farrell says:

    Leah, I have learned a lot from you! Which one of your videos shows us how
    to set up or use the bungee cords/ clips hanging from the ceiling, to
    support the quilt?

  • Waheeda Bano says:

    you are so cute little girl that i cannot resist to subscribe ur channel

  • chellview says:

    I really appreciate how much I am learning. I am starting to believe I can
    do this! i love the thought of having the quilt be mine start to finish!
    thank you for your generosity

  • Edna Haden says:

    This was awesome! This is the first video I’ve found that shows the real
    deal! Thanks.

  • pacific6623 says:

    Hi Leah! Thanks for this video. I have a number of tops that need to be
    quilted and I plan to do them myself. After watching many videos and
    reading many books and taking many classes on machine quilting yours has
    finally hit home with me. I now feel confident enough to try. BTW love the
    chickens! Thanks again,

  • Aka4512 says:

    You know what… THAT’S me when i quilt too. I can feel the strain on my
    neck and boy it’s a real pain especially because i get a little
    uncomfortable and don’t forget the hunched back lol. Can’t wait to practice
    quilting my quilts once i get them pieced together and sandwich them.

  • bushgirl62 says:

    Still developing the courage to do my own quilting but you explain it so
    well and the tips like furniture, breaks etc are invaluable. Thanks so much

  • gayle haythornthwaite says:

    I know this is one of your older vids, but I really appreciate the whole
    process you’ve shown. I hope you’ve found a better chair and position to
    help with your neck and shoulder pain. You’re a terrific teacher!

  • TizPax says:

    Thanks Leah, I will have to watch this a couple of times. Organizing how I
    move my quilts is just one of the problems I have in quilting my own quilts
    on my domestic sewing machine. Your tutorials are among the best on youtube.

  • TipsyTurvy17 says:

    I loved your article about sewing studio furniture. Can you do a sequel on
    how you have your cutting and ironing station set up. Do the Ikea tables
    raise up high enough for a cutting table? Here’s my 2 cents about the neck
    issues. Sewing and Quilting in general is hard on necks from cutting on low
    surfaces sitting and hand stitching… every phase of quilting is hard on
    our necks. frequent breaks is great advice.

  • dippyhendy says:

    great video.. but I’ve been watching the chickens outside your room thorugh
    the window! LOL

  • trailsabove says:

    Love your videos. Thanks for making them. Where did you get that huge
    sewing table? Love it.

  • CraftySew says:

    Great Vid Leah, I have been doing this technique for years, with one
    exception. I save the borders for last, because I might do a different
    pattern and it’s less confusing. I referred some one to this vid who was
    having problems. Thanks

  • Waheeda Bano says:

    you are so cute little girl that i cannot resist to subscribe ur channel

  • Leah Day says:

    It’s an Arrow Sewing table which is a small table you can find many places
    online. I expanded the surface with tables from IKEA.

  • Bing Gin says:

    i hope you get paid a little for these free videos you are producing. 🙂
    advertisers, come!

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