Introducing the BERNINA Q 24 and Q 20 Longarm Quilting Machines

The dream of creating a machine simple enough for a beginner to master and robust enough for the professional is embodied in the BERNINA Q 20 and Q 24 Longarm machines. BERNINA is excited…

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  • Terry Boyd says:

    Why can’t I find any information on the Q29 sit down long arm? I know it
    exists, I’ve seen pictures of it on the Facebook page, Men Who Quilt….

  • Jo Ewing says:

    I already have a longarm quilting machine computerized, also have two
    Bernina’s, it will be interesting to see what the computerized side will be
    like, knowing how good my bernina’s are, I hoping the longarm will be the
    same. I will be watching to see. About time.I think they should have a 26″
    throat to come out to keep up with the other brands of longarm machines.
    Hope they bring out the longer frame as well, say a 14ft.
    Good luck Bernina.

  • Julie Bailey says:

    The machine appears to be easy to use. Is there a computer option to
    program quilting templates/designs into the machine? I want to be able to
    program the size of the top and select a design for the machine to stitch
    without me guiding it. 

  • Kris G says:

    Hoping to get this next summer. My husband and I both quilt. Just bought
    the 880SE and the B215 for our sewing room so need to recover from those
    expenses….which are well worth it. We love our Berninas!

  • AChristina1955 says:

    Really anxious to learn more about the computerized program that is being
    developed for the Q24 and Q20. I know it’s to be ready sometime in 2015,
    can you be more specific time wise?

  • Herabird1 says:

    What is the price range of these systems?

  • Ewa Stieglauer says:

    Hi, it looks really great, is there any chance that it comes to European
    shops ? Ewa

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