How to use a Longarm Quilting Machine

Welcome to the Sparrow Studioz Longarm Rental Program! In this video you will learn the step by step process we’ve used to teach hundreds of quilters how to quickly become confident on a longarm…

How to load a quilt on a long-arm quilting machine with Natalia Bonner of Piece N Quilt. Natalia is the author of Beginner’s Guide to Free-Motion Quilting and co-author of Modern One-Block Quilts.
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  • Sparrow Studioz says:

    If you have a slow internet connection and want to watch smaller chunks of
    the video try here:

    Video 1 Preparing Your Quilt for Longarm Quilting

    Video 2 Leadergrips or Red Snappers – Loading your quilt on a longarm
    quilting machine

    Video 3 Squaring Your Quilt Top to the Frame

    Video 4 Threading your longarm quilting machine and changing your bobbin

    Video 5 Basting Your Quilt Top – Securing Quilt Top to your Batting &

    Video 6 Pantograph Vs Freehand Quilting for Beginners

    Video 7 Aligning your pantograph for edge to edge longarm quilting

    Video 9 How to Stitch a Pantograph with a longarm quilting machine

    Video 10 Filling in the top row of design (Pantograph on a longarm quilting

    Video 11 Advancing to the Next Row (Pantograph quilting on a longarm
    quilting machine)

    Video 12 Keeping your quilt straight, square smooth on a longarm quilting

    Video 13 Pulling up Bobbin and Locking your Stitch before quilting on a
    longarm quilting machine

    Video 14 Filling the Bottom Row of a Pantograph Design

  • Trudi Gardner says:

    Why do you not use any side tension? I see they are on the machine but not
    attached to the quilt.

  • a1angiem says:

    Congratulations on a FANTASTIC video! So well presented, clear & concise. I
    too wish I’d had this available 3 years ago! I did figure it all out but I
    will definitely be back to reference this in the future. You did a great
    job and I’m sure you will have helped so many longarmers struggling with
    how to line up their pantos! Excellent & thorough!

  • Darlene Hissem says:

    Awesome video. I have watched a lot of machine quilting videos and have had
    a machine for several years, so I am well acquainted with the process. BUT,
    you have made it so clear and presented it so well, that I am making my
    husband watch so that he can’t tell me anymore that he doesn’t know how to
    do this. You make it a no brainer! Thank you so much!,

  • Debbie Turner Altman says:

    I wish I had this video several years ago, oh how much frustration it
    would’ve saved me! Thank you Matt and Bradie! You ROCK!

  • Debi Sayer says:

    Thank you, that was a very helpful video. Would you believe I have yet to
    do a panto? Now that I know how to ensure the proper spacing between the
    rows I can give it a try.

  • dawn belair says:

    fantastic TY so much best video I’ve seen for this

  • MaximusCatticus says:

    Where can I find the clear plastic that you used? Thanks for the very
    informative video. It’s very helpful!

  • Tammy Lyne says:

    Thank you for doing this video. Can you use this method for any quilt frame
    and machine?

  • Andrea Joiner says:

    That was super fantastic Bradie!! Thanks so much for sharing. I most
    certainly look forward to seeing more.

  • Doreen Meier says:

    Thank you Bradie. I found your video very informative and it makes me wish
    I had not sold my frame even if it was not an APQS.

  • Diane Haun says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all this information. It makes using a
    longarm for the first time so much easier. Do you ever load your top onto
    the roller or do you always float the top no matter the size?

  • maryhutson55 says:

    Thank you Sparrow, I enjoyed your teaching. Sure helped me.

  • Philippa Gelinas says:

    Bradie, this is awesome! Matt too, pretty sure you are behind the camera

  • Margie Shrake says:

    OMG, Thanks so much for this video as I am wanting to do this but with out
    knowledge it is really hard to know how to even start. I am hopeful that I
    will be able to become as comfortable through videos like these an
    researching all the information needed to get a machine to do all these
    fabulous Quilting an right now it seems this is my beginning to feel
    knowledgeable to buy my own machine someday soon. Thanks so much this is
    amazing,. I learn by watching than any book could ever do. There is so much
    to learn about all these things, but I am so excited with each thing I am
    learning through all the resources to be able to do all this stuff..

  • Mary Whitten says:

    Excellent video! Thank you! Where do you get the dowling/plastic thingys to
    use instead of pinning?

  • krgoody2 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have a different brand of longarm but I am
    sure I can apply most of the information. This was very clear and well

  • I Am Just One Mom says:

    You are a marvel! I am interested in how you load your quilt. I did not
    notice in your book that you load your back onto the front top roller bar.
    On my Gammill that bar does not have a leader, it is just enameled metal;
    and I pin the bottom of my back to the front bottom leader. I could add a
    leader to the front roller bar. Perhaps I have been doing it wrong and I
    am very intrigued by your method. Would you mind explaining your choice?
    Thank you so much!

  • jdmurray2000 says:

    Natalia, Thank you for the video on loading your quilt. I noticed that you
    left the salvage on the backing fabric, I thought it was supposed to be
    removed before loading.

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