Gammill Longarm Quilting Demonstration

Gammill Longarm Quilting Demonstration

Quilting Hobbyist demonstrating the use of a Gammill Longarm machine to quilt a king sized quilt top from start to finish. Includes preparation to quilt by installing quilt lining, batting…
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  • Amélie Prévost says:

    Quite lovely and a bit intimidating! That is an big machine, I wouldn’t
    mess with it! The gentleman seems quite lovely too! It’s also funny to see
    the woman sit back and relax while the man works! :)

  • mailecat61 says:

    Fascinating demo! I’m having a lady long arm quilt some tops of mine. Does
    the gentleman hand guide the machine along the pattern or is the pattern
    put into the machine somewhere and he’s just holding it steady? Hope my
    question is clear enough. 

  • Teresa Atkinson says:

    Hi. I like the consistency and loft of the batting you used. Is that a
    Marshall Drygoods batting? If so, would you tell me which one? I like
    your quilter. It reminds me of my own. Except mine is quite a bit older,
    I’m certain.


  • Karen Whitaker says:

    Can u refer me to a dealer/someone I can buy batting in bulk? I live in a
    remote area and there is no where with a 4 hour drive I can buy through.
    Thanks! BTW, great video! Very informative !!!!

  • lynda .clites says:

    Great informational video

  • angiemum5 says:

    Very interesting. I have never seen the set-up of a quilting machine

  • sholmes52 says:

    No problem. I probably should have extended the video to show more of the

  • sholmes52 says:

    You may be referring to the portion of the backing that extends beyond the
    edge of the quilt top. The quilt top is quilted to the edge and is finished
    by binding the edges leaving the quilt top fully quilted from one edge to
    the other and visible.

  • jan lascko says:

    I’ll never complain about having to have my quilts done via longarm… lot
    of checkings things out…

  • sholmes52 says:

    We are pleased that you enjoyed the video. He is a WW-II veteran that
    celebrated his 89th birthday this year.

  • TarotLadyLissa says:

    First of all, this was amazing! I have always wondered how those worked! i
    used to sit an watch my grandmother hand quilt on this huge frame type
    think that took up her whole dining room! This looks much faster! lol
    Seriously though, I really enjoyed this video, and whomever pieced that
    quilt did an amazing job!! It’s simply beautiful. All i can do now are
    fence rails!! lol

  • Pat Springall says:

    I enjoyed watch this video and was surprised to see the top is one that I
    have made, but have not had it quilted yet. I would like to use the same
    design but not sure where to get it..can you help me out ? Pat

  • michelle32373 says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the video! So happy to see a gentleman long arming!

  • Tracey Davis says:

    Love watching this video your dad is having a great time quilting.

  • sholmes52 says:

    The quilting pattern is # 55 Medium Cloud. size B( 6″ ) . It is from The
    Gammill Quilting Machine Co. at 1452 West Gibson Street–P,O, box230–West
    Plains, Missouri 65775. The e-mail address: supplies@ gammill .net and
    their phone is 417 -256 -5919

  • Denis Essiambre says:

    What happens to the 2 inches or so at the bottom and top of quilt that were
    left unquilted? These should have been basted down and pins removed then
    continues on with the quilting. Do the customers not question this? …just

  • 29msmoni says:

    Great video. I enjoined watching the matured gentlemen work!

  • sholmes52 says:

    Hello. They are available from The Gammill Quilting Machine Co. at 1452
    West Gibson Street–P,O, box230–West Plains, Missouri 65775. The e-mail
    address: and their phone is 417 -256 -5919

  • sholmes52 says:

    I am glad you enjoyed that. Dad is 87 years old and loves the work and the
    opportunity to interact with the public through this service.

  • Cathy Dodds says:

    Doyle does a faboulus job making quilts! We have been using him for years!
    Cathy Dodds

  • Patricia Wadlow says:

    I loved this video, of course I love Gammill Quilting anyway. I bought a
    used Gammill years ago, and I think this gentleman is the one that
    demonstrated it. He was so great, and so gracious to me. I hope he can
    continue quilting as long as he can, because he knows what he is doing.
    Thanks for the video.

  • Denis Essiambre says:

    My mistake then. It’s just a number of us from another quilting forum
    watched this and a few others noticed this same thing.

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