Bernina Q24 Long Arm Quilting Machine

This is a walk through of the brand new Berning long arm quilting machine. The top competitors are Handyquilter, gammill, and Juki.
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Juki Quilt Virtuoso Pro TL-2200QVP 18

Juki TL-2200QVP 18″ Longarm Machine Quilter is the best 18″ machine frame and machine head you can buy. Call (888)826-0222 to find out why it is so awesome! Watch our other Juki 2200 videos…

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  • Valerie Smith says:

    (I see now the track system – so sorry for that!) :)

  • Deborah Delregno says:

    I have the Bernina Quilt Frame. Does the Q24 work on the old quilt frame?
    Does the Quilt Motion software work on the Bernina Q24? 

  • Tracey Browning says:

    Pricing??? Would love to see more of the frame that it is running on? Does
    it have hydraulic legs? Will the new ruler foot fit older style domestic
    Bernina machines?

  • Valerie Smith says:

    I am really fascinated by this machine and thank you for the overview! I
    would like to know what kind of a track system the machine head is moving
    on and also is there a laser light for pantographs?

  • Bernina Boys says:
  • Maja Raynor says:

    I just test drive this at the Northwest Quilting show here in Portland. WOW
    is it neat!!

  • J Wilson says:

    Would love it if you posted a live video of the machine in action.

  • KathyQuiltsExtra says:

    We make leaders specifically made for the Juki 2200QVP. They are found on
    our web site under leaders for machine frames.

  • gvolle44 says:

    Using the 10ft frame – how much width space is needed excluding the
    standing room on either side?

  • KathyQuiltsExtra says:

    HMQS in in Salt Lake City, Utah at the South Towne Expo Center

  • KathyQuiltsExtra says:

    HMQS is May 9-11, please come and see the Juki 2200 in booth # 724. Come
    see Kathy showing us how it is done and how you can learn to do it as well.

  • kathyquilts says:

    We have really enjoyed sewing on this frame. We were able to play on the
    Juki 2200 in Las Vegas and at the Grace Company in Salt Lake City Utah.

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