quilting squares: patchwork tutorial. “nine-patch” pattern. old school.

quilting squares: patchwork tutorial.

studies in good old fashioned patchwork quilting. get this patchwork quilting kit at the appleturnover shop: http://shop.appleturnover.tv. get appleturnover’s postcards: http://url.appleturnover.t…
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  • Fabrizio Famularo says:
  • Tea Breath says:

    Ok maybe not a usual request but I want to make a mask out of assorted
    shaped and sized punk patches. Based around a laced back traditional
    wrestling mask template. Would this be a suitable method to put this
    together. My skills go as far as bodge repairs on clothes and sewing
    patches on my jacket haha

  • appleturnover.tv says:

    hi there. this is the tutorial to support the project, not the pattern – if
    you’d like the pattern you can get it at the appleturnovershop on etsy.com.
    if you’d like to receive all the materials you need, precut, ready to make
    this projects, you can choose a kit there too. thanks for your interest! x

  • appleturnover.tv says:

    that’s sweet of you to say. x

  • Mindmatters101 says:

    Sorry if you say this in the video, but how wide are each of the squares
    and what are the final lengths of each side?

  • appleturnover.tv says:

    thanks patty! you should definitely find out. x

  • appleturnover.tv says:

    what a lovely thing to do. thank you! x

  • appleturnover.tv says:

    hi! you require cotton batting, the flat kind used for quilting. i like
    organic batting. in england it is called wadding.

  • appleturnover.tv says:

    great story! x

  • Lapierre Anne says:

    Thank you ! Merci !

  • appleturnover.tv says:

    thanks rosie!

  • John O'Byrne says:

    I like your tutorial, and I like the old school, and using the old machine
    and the iron, this is great!!

  • appleturnover.tv says:

    ah, i’m pleased you thought so! x

  • Katharine Holland says:

    Gosh! That brought back some memories of watching my mum sew. She had the
    same Singer. There’s a lot to be said for slowing down a little; more
    control with these old machines. Thank you.

  • appleturnover.tv says:

    oh good! i’m delighted. have a look at appleturnover.tv for other projects.

  • appleturnover.tv says:

    Very glad to hear it! Have a look in the appleturnovershop on etsy for all
    the materials you need for this project. I’ve got new colourways coming out
    soon! x

  • appleturnover.tv says:

    Avec plaisir! x

  • appleturnover.tv says:

    i haven’t got it near me just now but i think you’re looking for a singer
    28k…look on ebay or antique shops. it is called a hand-crank. x elisa

  • THENIRE says:

    Best video ever:)

  • Marsha Steelman says:

    Loved the video, never saw a hand crank sewing machine before and didn’t
    know they even made one!!!!!

  • appleturnover.tv says:

    de nada x

  • appleturnover.tv says:

    i’m glad! thanks x

  • TheXianne says:

    Beautiful video took me back in time even though Iwas very little but my
    Momused to have one of these Sewing machines and they were the best.I wish
    I could find one in working condition.

  • appleturnover.tv says:

    Glad you enjoyed it! x

  • smurphette423 says:

    Great video! Very helpful for a newbie! LOVE the sewing machine. Could you
    tell me what kind it is?? I would love to be able to find one like it.

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