Lightning in a Bottle 2015: A Sold Out Event That Still Hasn't Sold Out

Lightning in a Bottle 2015: A Sold Out Event That Still Hasn't Sold Out
The largest stage, named Lightning, has also undergone a number of design changes. The open-air setup of years past has … Elsewhere, you could trundle into the gut of a giant wicker matryoshka and marvel at her insides, a blacked-out spire with LEDs …
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Bartell's new private label focuses on local products
But Emerald & Spruce — the words projected against a circle that resembles the cross-section of a tree — won out. The brand also has a pattern: a colorful patchwork of triangles that some consumers feel represents a mountain range interspersed with …
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'Unique' quilt caused shop owner to pull cover off mystery, revealing ties to
And when a friend walked into Lois Levihn's shop two years ago with a quilt bearing representations of various Bible stories, the owner of Born Again Quilts learned of perhaps the most noteworthy News-Sentinel promotion of all — one that is, literally …
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New Music: Patty Griffin Records Lost Karen Dalton Song
And now we're hearing her own words, sung by voices that aren't hers, in melodies she wouldn't recognize. Remembering Mountains is a patchwork quilt of collaboration, and, missing a pattern to go from, the stitches will never match seamlessly. But it's …
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