Victorian Modern Quilt Along- Video #5- Backing, Batting and Binding options

This video is #5 in a new quilt along series for my Victorian Modern Quilt. I’ve designed a quilt that will finish about 58″ x 76.5″ and includes twelve 16″ x 16″ blocks and some sashing around…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • maxie taylor says:
  • Jasmarin Montes says:

    El que tanto he estado esperando ujuuu!!!

  • ashley moore says:

    Thanks for posting videos!! You are by far my favorite crafter!! 🙂

  • Neththra'sVision says:

    Thanks for the video.

  • farrukh parveen says:

    Thanks very detail. You make it so easy.thanks a ton.

  • Jessica Vaughan says:

    I loved this series! Thanks so much for being such an excellent teacher!

  • Mickalishous6969 says:

    Vanessa check out my space saving sewing cabinet. I hope to have a room
    dedicated to quilting and crafts love your videos great job

  • Genie Blair says:

    Your very talented.

  • Amoresable says:

    you are so awesome i always watch your videos i have learn so much with
    you, you have no idea i come a long way i didnt dare cut material and i
    didnt no how to do a quilt and here i am doing yours…. AWESOME.

  • sasha6261 says:

    Vanessa what kind of batting did you use in your design wall? Also what
    size do you suggest?

  • C Kirk says:

    Thanks for a great series, Vanessa! I have finished my quilt top and will
    post a picture to the FB page. I used some different fabrics with a
    patriotic/religious theme, and will be getting it quilted by a longarm
    quilter. It is a gift for my neighbor. Enjoyed the videos!

  • Narissa Patrick says:

    This quilt is so fantastic!! What a great taste for bright and excellent
    fabric colors. It is so puuuurrrrfffeecct match. You are so amazing. I feel
    this is very professional and positive attitude for you to show us to learn
    how to make simple quilt, just like “beginner” step. **THUMBS UP**

  • lowec315 says:

    You ARE an excellent teacher. That quilt is beautiful, too. Keep up the
    good videos.

  • Sewing4Christ says:

    Who won the giveaway. From last week. BTW great quilt

  • Kyra Luc says:

    I can’t wait to see how your quilt comes out! Thank-you for the series it
    was fun!

  • pam smith says:

    Just need to add binding and this quilt will be done. Quilted it on my home
    machine. That was definitely challenging!!! Didn’t think it was a very big
    quilt till I started trying to get it all to fit into the throat of my
    machine! But is done. Need to get to fabric store for binding. After the
    ice storm.

  • Bessie Bennett says:

    Yes who won?

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