Modern Quilt Along Tutorial Series- Part 3

This video is #3 in a new modern quilt along series for the Keys Afloat quilt I designed. The quilt will finish about 54.5″ x 54.5″. This project is especially great for beginners because it…

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  • wakupsid says:

    hey venessa, love you channel. just a suggestion. I’m a creative director
    and I’ve also been a video editor for while in the past, you need to get a
    better editor to do your video edits and audio mixing especially. If you
    take this one for eg. the audio of the inter cuts are way up, try taking
    more video inter cuts to avoid jump cuts in the video too and that would
    mean a better cinematographer too. If you need any advice on the same leme

  • Shari Kunz says:

    How ironic. I just clicked on a random “Crafty Gemini” vid to ask Vanessa
    who does her excellent, top-notch video editing, when I read “wakupsid’s”
    comment. Seriously? Vanessa, I’d love to know who does your editing, it’s

  • Kelley Hornberger says:

    I really love this quilt pattern! 🙂

  • rnrdora says:

    1st comment. 😉

  • xxcheyxx12 says:


  • TheCraftyGemini says:

    Hi Shari! I do all my own editing. I do everything for these videos myself
    from planning, production to editing. Glad you enjoy it. Thanks!

  • TheCraftyGemini says:

    I have a Voyager 17 on a Hinterberg Stretch Frame. They don’t make them
    anymore but you could still score a used or refurbished one. Do a google
    search. Good luck!

  • TwoAlaskans says:

    Thank you for your tutorials. You do a wonderful job of demonstrating the
    “how-to” and offer many interesting tips. Plus, I like how you often
    inspire me to want to try what you are demonstrating.

  • hesavedme71 says:

    If you don’t mind me asking which long arm do you have? I’m in the market
    for one like

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