Could early intervention reverse autism?

Could early intervention reverse autism?
In most cases autism spectrum disorder is not diagnosed in a child until they are three or four years old. However, new research is adding to the evidence that early detection and intervention are key. A study published today suggests that if treatment …
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Obamacare law means calorie-counts on menus and menu boards everywhere
The National Restaurant Association, among Washington, D.C.'s more powerful lobbies, opted in 2010 to embrace a national law that would let its member companies work from a single playbook instead of a patchwork quilt. But implementing the law is full …
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How Michael Jackson Made 0 Million in 2014
With Jackson no longer dangling babies over balconies, Branca and McClain have been able to get down to business. In their hands, the … Now, the money accrues to the estate and its beneficiaries: Jackson's mother, Katherine, and his three children …
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