Trend prediction for 2016

Trend prediction for 2016
She said:“Watch out for more lace style inspirations, ankara prints with blings, floaty fabrics like chiffon and silk, soft organza and jersey, vintage velvet, floral and duchess satin, dry and floral cotton.” According to her, all these fabrics are …
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From Indian Villages To West Elm Shelves: Handmade Crafts Go High-End
Artisans must meticulously dip the yarn into bowls of dye, and know exactly where the colors will fall when they then weave the fabric. The process results in bold, zigzag patterns, which had been most … The latest chintz collection features cushions …
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'Farm to Fabric' Clothing Preserves Ancient Craftsmanship
By following traditional methods to create her collection, Chang worked with the Miao and Dong people to grow their own cotton, spin their own thread, and wait for certain flowers to bloom to create dyes for fabrics. Chang's investment in the craft, as …

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